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Susan Reed Allabashi has specialized in the custom, decorative painting of walls, furniture and accessories for 25 years. Working independently or collaborating with interior decorators, she has completed a range of unique projects featured in residential and commercial spaces. Her designs enhance the room décor, complimenting the surroundings with custom color matches and personalization. Susan enjoys consulting with customers and interpreting their requests; she provides detailed samples of the proposed work for approval before beginning each project. Her designs range from enchanting, historical landscapes to traditional, classic patterns to whimsical children’s murals. Susan’s attention to detail and desire to captivate the viewer will ensure satisfaction.

 Susan is a graduate of Tower Hill School and The University of New Hampshire.  She received a Certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration from the New York Botanical Garden in 2011.  Her botanical illustrations have been displayed in group exhibitions and fine art shows.

Susan lives in Chester County, PA with her husband and son.